Zero energy is the most important information on Earth

After reading and viewing the video below, you will learn the answer to what is the biggest concealment in the history of mankind. It affects all people on this planet, but very few people know about it.

It is called “zero point energy”. If brought to the public, we will work on vehicles that protect gravity, and be able to move faster than the speed of light on the planet and beyond – for free!

Thus, you can understand why this is kept in a very guarded secret. All this comes down to money, power and greed for the knowledgeable.

Many researchers have developed devices that use this carefully guarded free energy, but either bought out, or just stumbled to keep it a secret. If it became public, it would change the course of the inhabitants on this planet. We could rise from the darkness and prosper.

If we did not have the cost of our utility bills and the cost of fuel for our cars and planes, we would be much richer. What a wonderful world!

So you do not agree that it is incredibly important for all people to know and understand?

So, why is this kept a secret?

Just because it will put our oil, gas and coal industries out of business. If the US had this technology, and other countries did not have it, would not we be higher?

Below the video was prepared by James Allen. His goal was to make him public, and, of course, he was forced to die. That’s why most of those who talk about free energy do it only on their deathbed, when life ceases to be important to them.

In fact, what is presented here is already an old technology. Images of the ship of the 1967 era. Over the past 50 years, huge secret achievements have been achieved, but it is still very instructive to study even this. Many people know about flying saucers, but do not know anything about how they fly. Here everything is revealed.

Ed Kushman wrote several books and has a website called, which contains a photo of nature and nature. He is a media specialist and photographer. He worked in the Air Force and private contractors in the field of research on the return of missiles.

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