You will never drink Red Bull after reading this!

Energy drinks are very popular these days. Many people consume them during daytime energy thirst, students also consume them during exam sessions. But no one knows that only one of the popular energy drink Red Bull will increase the chances of experiencing a stroke or heart attack.

Why is the Red Bull so harmful and what does it actually do?

Every energy drink makes our blood sticky, and this can lead to a stroke or other cardiovascular problems. In the case of Red Bull, it is proved that one hour after consuming only one our blood flow becomes abnormal and it resembles a patient with cardiovascular diseases.

Of course, brand representatives claim that their drink has the same effects as a cup of coffee or soda.

And indeed it is. A cup of coffee or soda together with caffeine and added unnatural sweeteners and sugars will give you an instant increase in energy that will last very briefly.

But the main difference between coffee and energy drink is that we are not fully aware of how other ingredients of Red Bull will work when mixed with caffeine.

Aspartame – a substance that has shown neurotic, metabolic, embryonic, allergenic and carcinogenic substances, is an important component of an energy drink.

This ingredient plus lethargy, the effect of soda, makes you want another drink, which is why you can not avoid this chain reaction.

Energy drinks are prohibited in some countries

Dr. Merkola says that over the past year, more than 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull have been sold in 143 countries around the world. But the question of the safety of this drink arises when an energy junkie breaks down.

There are data that show that energy drinks have been sold more than bottles of water.

Some countries are aware of these negative effects that energy drinks have on the country, and the fact that more and more energy drinks are just appearing on the market, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and stop them.

Norway, Denmark and Uruguay are some of the countries that have decided to ban Red Bull in their markets. In Kuwait, on the other hand, Red Bull is banned for those under the age of 16 due to a scandal when two squash team members died of a heart attack due to consumption of energy drinks.

WHO is most at risk?

As mentioned earlier, it has been proven that an energy drink can damage blood vessels and their functions and increases the risk of blood clots. To protect yourself and your body from stroke and other side effects, you should avoid consuming energy drinks if you are suffering from the following diseases:

– Anxiety

– High blood pressure

– Chronic fatigue syndrome

– High voltage

– Sensitivity to caffeine

– Cardiovascular diseases

– Any blood clotting disorder

It is advisable to avoid energy drinks during pregnancy.

You can boast of energy in a natural way and that’s how

A healthy lifestyle is the key factor in boasting your energy level. Increase the intake of omega-3 fat, eliminate sugar and fatty foods, exercise regularly and reduce stress levels, and you will immediately feel more fresh and more relaxed with more energy for daily activities.

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