You will be amazed at what they found in pomegranate juice

There are millions of men and women around the world who use pharmaceutical drugs to lower blood pressure of cholesterol. Despite the fact that these drugs give positive results, several studies have shown that they can also be very harmful. For example, statins used to lower cholesterol levels have been associated with more than three hundred side effects.

The good news is that there are some natural solutions that are equally effective. One of them is pomegranate juice. A recent scientific study has shown that this juice has the ability to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and reduce the likelihood of experiencing heart attacks and heart diseases.

It turns out that pomegranate juice can rotate around the arterial plaque, increase blood pressure, reduce oxidative stress and strengthen LDL (bad) cholesterol factors

Recently, the journal Clinical Nutrition published a scientific study in which it is stated that patients suffering from stenosis of the carotid artery who drank pomegranate juice for three years reduced the thickness of typical carotid media and stabilized the oxidation of LDL and blood pressure.

Scientists managed to use the juice of pomegranate juice for twelve months and found that this juice turns into a process of accumulation of plaques in the arteries of people who are diagnosed with chronic stenosis of the carotid artery. This state of health blocks up to 90% of the internal carotid arteries.

What is the importance of this conclusion?

What you need to pay attention to reduces the thickness / dimensions of the intima media. This so-called intima-carrier represents the focal part of the carotid arteries. It turns out that this medium is easily ignited and slowly forms an arterial plaque consisting of immune cells, oxidized fats and similar residues. If this situation is not treated, the sufferer may experience blocked arteries, a state of health that is often fatal.

Thus, any product that can facilitate or reverse the intimate environment thickening in a safe way is a revolutionary product, because it can solve the cause of atherosclerosis. In addition, this breakthrough can reduce mortality in people with cardiovascular diseases.

It is good to note that 19 patients, 14 men and 5 women aged 65 to 75 years took part in this clinical study. All of them were non-smokers. One group that consisted of ten patients took 50 ml or 1.69 ounces of pomegranate juice every day for twelve months, and half of them decided to continue this practice for another two years.

The remaining patients (nine patients) took a placebo. All patients had a similar lifestyle and had the same blood pressure, glucose level and took similar drugs.

So, what were the final results? Well, patients who took pomegranate juice for twelve months experienced a decrease in the average median thickness of the intima in the right and left carotid arteries. In the first 3 months, this decline was 13%, and in 12 months the decline was 35%.

In addition, patients taking pomegranate juice also observed improvement in blood pressure levels, oxidative stress, cholesterol level and stability of plaque damage.

So, what can we conclude by comparing these results with those that people get from standard pharmaceutical preparations, which, by the way, should be taken forever.

Although it is true that we can not give you suggestions about medications that you must take or avoid, because this is the work of medical professionals. But you must freely conduct your experiments, research and evaluation.

Think about it – which is more logical – to use pharmaceutical preparations containing synthesized chemicals, or to make changes in your lifestyle and diet, including more natural and organic products containing nutrients and some regular physical activity?

It’s not difficult, and everyone can do it. These products are delicious, and they can be found everywhere. The best part is that you can not experience any side effects. Of course, do not forget that the best results are obtained by using fresh, organic fruits.

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