You should see what made this woman look pregnant within 3 years

Sometimes we think that we are so inflated that we look pregnant, but are we really? One woman in the UK became strangely bloated for three years!

Her name is Margaret McMahon, she is 48 years old, she has two children. Mcmahon went to the doctor with an obviously stretched abdomen and some pain. The doctors decided that this was simply a bloating from irritable bowel syndrome and, probably, a small uterine myoma of the size of a plum. These myomas are benign tumors, which, as a rule, develop from the muscular tissue of the uterus.

Mcmahon suffered for many years, and as her pain increased, doctors told her that her fibrosis did not grow at all. They asked her to try to lose weight. At the moment, Mcmahon is tired of the lie told to her, and decided to seek help elsewhere by paying for her own CAT scan. The results of her computer tomography were horrific and showed that her womb had a huge mass.

The size of the plum “plum”, which was spoken by her doctors, did not increase, was now the size of a melon, and as a treatment, McMahon had to undergo a hysterectomy. The following shows how fibrosis looked when it was removed. These fibroids are very common in women who reached the 30s and 40s. Please pay attention to your body.

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