You do not need an operation to remove any kind of CYSTS, here is a 100% natural way to this house

Cysts can be found in different parts of the body and especially in the female body. Medical methods are often invasive and painful, and the real problem is that relapses often occur after medical treatment. In addition to this, we have found and tried a natural remedy for cysts, which is easy to do. The main ingredient of the remedy is the aloe cactus.

Here is the recipe and instructions for cooking

  • Half a liter of medical alcohol (ethyl alcohol – the percentage is not important)
  • One pound of homemade honey
  • 0,75 liters of quality red wine
  • 1/2 kg of chicory coffee
  • 150 grams of aloe leaves without thorns (the plant should not be watered 7 days before collection of sheets).


Peel the aloe leaves from the thorns and grind them in a meat machine or blender. Add the other ingredients and mix well. You will need a large pot, in which you can put 3 liters of the mixture. Then you must leave the jar in a dark and cool place for 14 days. After standing, pour the mixture through the cheesecloth and put it in a glass bottle. Now the mixture is ready for use. Drink this two hours before meals three times a day and use one tablespoon. It is also important that the stomach is empty before and after completion, and you should not mix it with food. When you approach the end of the mixture, do one more dose and continue until it is completely depleted.

According to the testimony of many people who have tried the drink, most of the cysts disappear, especially the small ones in the chests and around the kidneys and the female organs. Usually two doses are enough. You are not mistaken if you use this drink to prevent and improve the general condition of the body, as well as to enhance the immune system.

Children can also use this medication, but with a lower dosage appropriate to their weight (this figure of a full tablespoon for an adult of 60-70 years, for example, a 35 kg child can use half a tablespoon three times a day).

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