Why do not the Amish get cancer?

The study, which was published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control, found that the Amish have no cancer in their population, and for this reason are considered the healthiest people in America. Thus, researchers from the Ohio State University began researching these people to find out whether the incidence rates of cancer are higher than their lack of routine medical care. According to these studies, the Amish have lower rates of cancer incidence than other people, so researchers wanted to look more closely at their lifestyle and diet to find out why.

What is the lifestyle and diet of the Amish?

Most of these people do not drink or smoke, are not sexually disorderly. Researchers believe that these factors play a large role in a limited number of cases of cancer. Other factors, such as the amount of physical labor that they took on themselves, were analyzed. Most of them work in agriculture, construction and other industries where intensive physical activity is required, which keeps them healthy and in excellent shape. They work hard to produce crops, build furniture and facilities that produce useful products that contribute to their health, unlike the rest of Americans who sit daily in fluorescent lighted cabins.

Amish people grow and grow all their own food, which is another factor studied in the study. In order to get healthy fruits and vegetables, milk, meat and uninfected foods, they use time-tested and organic methods. This is something that most Americans never get. Their products are packed with enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, since they are grown and raised the way they should be, which leads to great health.

Some people can make fun of their way of life, but Amish people are committed to lead a simple, clean and productive life with their local food.

We can conclude that every day sitting in office buildings, there are processed and unhealthy products with GMOs, and soaking medicines is a way of life that you could consider.

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