Why do Indians keep their hair long? Hair is an extension of the nervous system

For most people, long hair was often a matter of pride, style, or comfort. Some people like it for a long time, someone likes it. Some concern about its length, others do not. For some, it’s just meant to be there, useful or not.

Surprisingly, there was a new look at the purpose of hair during the Vietnam War. Sally’s husband, a licensed psychologist, once returned home, he looked very serious, bearing an important document.

The document contained information on some studies related to the length of a human hair and the ability of a person to perceive danger and its intuitive levels. This study shocked him.

Here is a typical test:

During the war, the SWAT was in search of young talented people who had excellent ability to monitor and perceive danger. Based on the usual testing methods, some Indian trackers were recruited. Soon mysterious things began.

These highly competent people seemed to lose track of their ability after they were recruited on the battlefield, most importantly when they had a military haircut. When it started too often, all the recruits were interrogated.

Everyone had a similar response: they seemed to have lost the ability of the sixth sense when they had a haircut.

It was incredible and incredible. So, the military conducted the test. The men were taken in pairs: one had long hair, the other had short hair. Both of them had high test results. Then they were sent to a combat situation.

It was found that those who have long hair, continue to receive high marks, while those who cut their hair, began to fail. Soon it became the norm that trackers should grow their hair long.

A comment

Now it has become known that hair, like an antenna, is a continuation of the nervous system. This helps to obtain information in the form of electromagnetic energy from the environment. They also emit energy into the environment.

Once the hair is torn off, these transfers are also truncated. Signals are no longer accepted. Relationships become insensitive – frustration increases. Long hair leads to more awareness.


After this study, Sally’s husband began to grow his hair, both head and face .. really long! The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you can feel your needs and those around you. Long hair is a solution, not a problem.

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