When part of the body flickers or itches: the right eye foresees the fulfillment of desires, the left palm brings money

People spread a lot of beliefs about what it means when a part of the body flickers. Many everyday events in antiquity were associated with a story about the future, and this “theory” can still be heard from our grandparents.

Do you know what that means when your head begins to itch, or what does it mean when you hear a noise in your left ear, when your head is tapping?

Here are the answers:

If you experience itching:

Top of the head – predicts profit or you will have a son

The last part of the neck – some people will bring gifts

Scalp on the right side – you will judge someone

Scalp on the left – you will have a happy time

Forehead – bad news will come to you

Right ear – you will hear good news

Left ear – you will hear bad news

Chin – you will meet an old friend

The right palm – you will give money

Left palm – you get money

Navel – will honor someone

Right knee – you will find the condition in your home

The left knee – something bad will happen to you

The right heel is fun and good news

Left heel – someone will nag

Right sole – you go on a trip

Left outsole – you can count on luck

If it flashes, it flickers:

Forehead between the eyes – you go on a trip

Upper part of his right ear – Expect fighting and quarrels

The upper part of the left ear – you will get good news

Right eyebrow – your children will thrive

Left eyebrow – well-being and happiness

Both eyebrows – Expectation of joy

The right eye – whatever you want, will happen

Left eye – you will feel respect

The upper lid of the right eye is a joy in the family

The bottom cover of the right eye – you make a new friend

The upper lid of the left eye – you will have a male child

The lower lid of the left eye is bad news

The whole nose is bad news and disease

One side of the nose – you will have serious problems

Upper lip – you will have guests

Lower lip – you show that you are right

Both lips – you will kiss

The right shoulder – you will be healthy

Left shoulder – sadness comes to you

Right elbow – you will be in an excellent company

If he calls:

If you have a right ear – good news and joy

If you have a left ear – bad news will bring grief

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