What do you see in this complex picture and what does it say about you?

Here is one of the most famous optical illusions that spread on the Internet.

There are two faces in this drawing.

Some see one person, another and some others.

What do you see?

Do some people have a problem to see a girl?

If we look at the picture on the previous page upside down, it’s easier to see the young girl. Here:

What do you see on this tricky picture and what does it say about you?

What did you see at the beginning:

  • Girl

You are a person of calm nature, youthful spirit, and the world looks optimistic. Sometimes you are a little naive, or you are so attractive and adorable, people you love and who want to be near you.

  • Girl

If you first noticed the old woman, you are prone to pessimism, skepticism and caution, go to a safe place. The family and the society you support, the counselor and the voice of the mind. Allow yourself a little more relaxation and indulgence.

  • Woman and girl

Have an excellent balance of reality and creativity, enthusiasm and analytical mind. Deeply you are a person and appreciate the true value, you can not easily “row.”

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