Warning to all parents – doing this can save your child’s life

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children need to sleep with their parents in the same room for at least 6 months to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome. In addition, they should not have one bed, but they need to have separate beds. Thus, risks are reduced by 50%, studies have shown.

General information about SIDS

It is not known what the true cause of this syndrome is, but there are many cases when children die due to choking in a dream, resulting in the death of 35,000 people each year in the United States. This accounts for 40% of cases, and other deaths associated with sleep make up about 25%. The syndrome occurs in children aged 6 months.

This is due to the device in the sleeping area near the children, such as toys, soft pillows, small parts, pieces of furniture, etc., which can block the breathing process due to asphyxia. Another cause may be a genetic defect, which may have been born in a child who hinders vulnerable nasal passages and creates difficulty in breathing. Mothers can fall asleep during breastfeeding because of fatigue leading to the death of the baby. Even more dangerous is when mothers breastfeed their children in an armchair without support in case of death.

Will the separation in one room hold this syndrome?

A few theoretical views can be very effective, for example:

  • Parents are more attentive – they can follow the child if he cries or makes strange sounds;
  • Babies are more comfortable – they will feel safer if they are not alone in the room.

What should be done?

  • Separate sleeping places – do not share one bed with a child, since an adult bed is not designed for the needs of the child;
  • Children’s sleeping area – the best sleeping place – a cot, as the child can not roll. Place them on your back on a hard surface to get the necessary back support. Get a tightly installed sheet so that it can not be untangled when the babies are rolling. Do not add blankets, pillows or bed linens that can make them feel hot or suffocate a child.
  • Breastfeeding zone – Feed the baby in the parents’ bed so that in case the mother falls asleep, there may be a person who can monitor the situation as a whole.

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