Vitamin B17 – treatment for cancer, banned by the FDA

Patients who are sick of cancer say louder that increased consumption of vitamin B17 (Laetrile) reduces the development of cancer. The chances for his complete healing also increase.

For the first time in 1950, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs offered vitamin B17 as a remedy for cancer. In his study, Krebs argues that cancer is a disease caused by improper consumption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Apricot kernels and vitamin B17

Americans do not have access to B17 since 1970, because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed it from the B vitamins. In fact, this vitamin is completely removed from the market. The ban on vitamin B17 comes from the fact that the FDA claims that it is not a vitamin, but a chemical composition without a specific study.

Apricot kernels have the highest concentration of vitamin B17. Because of this, they are also removed from the shelves in every health food store in the US.

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From ancient times until today, people’s eating habits have completely changed. The dynamics of life in modern conditions is a factor that affects bad eating habits. That’s why today people are more susceptible to this disease, says Krebs.

Today, modern people are more prone to this disease than primitive cultures in the past. It is a fact. As one possible explanation, Dr. Krebs cites data that the ancient tribes had completely different food habits.

The average daily intake of vitamin B17 in Europe and America is about 2 mg. Consumption of this vitamin is 90% provided by processed food products. On the contrary, people of Hunza daily consume 250-300 mg of vitamin B17.

Hunza is an ancient tribe living in northern Pakistan. It is known that the average lifetime is 100 years. Cancer is an unknown disease for these people. The secret lies in the use of apricot kernels. Apricot is the most famous fruit in their nutrition. Before his death, Krebs argued that you can reduce the risk of cancer by 100% by increasing the daily dose of vitamin B17.

More experts recommend a daily dose of 20-40 apricot kernels per day. For one person in a state of remission, the minimum recommended level of consumption is 16.

In addition, foods rich in vitamin B17: apple seeds, spinach, watercress, alfalfa, bamboo, garbanzo, lentils, mung beans, whole nuts and peanuts.

Here you can extract a fragment from apricot.

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