Use the juice of papaya leaves to effectively treat dengue fever in just 48 hours

The very definition of the expression “dengue fever” will endlessly send shivers through the spine of people. There is nothing surprising! This is a serious viral disease that is spread by some kind of mosquito. In numerous cases, the condition could even have been fatal.

In any case, do not push! You are instantly going to explore around the transparent, but, nevertheless, the best cure for this problem, a leaf of papaya! This article will tell you how to use papaya leaf juice to treat dengue fever. Cure the condition just as straight as to exhaust this juice!

Why are the leaves of papaya a remedy for dengue fever?

This is actually pretty much the same as the query you want to answer! It is at this point that you are convinced of the advisability of a leaf of papaya when beating dengue fever.

The leaves of papaya are filled with competent compounds, for example papain and chymopapine, which as a whole constitute the number of platelets. In addition, these leaves have a couple of basic vitamins, sugar, protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

Juice of papaya leaves for dengue fever

Now you will read about how to make papaya leaves juice to treat dengue fever. Here the most significant prospect is that a single untreated papaya leaf fills in as a response to the infection. The steps will be described in detail for you:

Necessary corrections:

Uncleared leaves of papaya-2

What you need to do:

Take 2 coarse papaya leaves.

Remove stems and strong take-off pieces

Immediately shake the juice out of the outlet.

Clearly use the juice.

Repeat that 2 more times a day to feel the change.

Treatment of dengue fever with papaya leaves

Just like juice, a paste made from papaya leaves will help to drop the fever of dengue fever. To be sure, even here, you should only use untreated ups.

Necessary things:

Fresh unpolished papaya leaves-3

Natural spin (from your bias) – 2 tablespoons

What you need to do:

Take 3 new roughened sheets of papaya.

Treat them in a blender to make a paste.

Join the pasta with 2 tablespoons of any normal squeeze of your choice.

Mix well.

Especially use the mixture.

Pass it 2 times a day, about 7 days.

You will receive the highest help from dengue fever.

Appropriate exams

That’s right, when you talk about pure home treatment, there’s nothing more provocative than the real experience of people. Here you will read two such experiences, depicted by the chief master of India.

Children caring for twin children were hospitalized with dengue fever, where an annoying decrease was observed in the control of platelets. He fell to 15,000! In fact, even a blood transfusion (15 liters) did not help, and the child continued to be in good faith

Finally, after his friends provoked it, the father of the child gave the juice of papaya leaf juice to his child. Just within 24 hours, the number of platelets increased to 135,000, pretty much before stunning the useful work force! The child was declared cured, and he was allowed to return home!

The lady in her mid-thirties made a dengue fever and was hospitalized. Taking in 3 days, her condition increased, as the number of platelets fell to 28 000. Surely, even the lungs began to fit into the water. The authorities reported that the lady’s safe system fights alone.

The patient’s relative, who believed that the unpaved papaya leaves were favorable, gave the juice to a lady. Within 24 hours, the platelet count increased and the fever decreased. The juice treatment was continued for 3 days, and it was absolutely normal for a few days.

This clearly indicates that the juice of the papaya leaves works great against dengue fever! Is it protected to say that it is not heavenly?

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