USDA approves slaughterhouses that produce horse meat for human consumption

If you are still not accustomed to this, and most likely not, you need to start thinking about getting used to eating horse meat. This is due to the fact that the US government simply confirmed the exploitation of meat stallions of stallions to create meat for people to eat.

The US Department of Agriculture relies on the support of stallions in New Mexico, Iowa and Missouri, as well as in some other areas. In fact, horse meat can not be legally sold in the US, in addition, people can not absorb it, however, it can be in the US food, since it can be sold in Mexico. There, in Mexico, it can be renamed, and then transported back to the US as a modest filler for meat. In Europe, it is now drilled, and in the supermarkets meatballs with stallion meat were offered.

Where do these stallions come from?

Against the background of the Bush organization, slaughterhouses were banned. In any case, in 2011, when President Obama ousted President Bush, slaughterhouses for horse breeding were resumed.

As Reuters points out, in Canada and Mexico, about 130,000 horses die each year, and it seems that the United States also needs a huge part of this business.

Here is not a very fascinating reality: most of the stallion’s meat comes from horse owners who prefer to kill their stallions for various reasons, including illness, damage or simply because they can not bear.

Various of these proprietors offer their horses in slaughterhouses in surprisingly minimal efforts. Whatever it was, they allowed the outsiders to pull their stallions to the meat factory, so that they would be brutally murdered around several other screaming horses.

Keep this in mind when you are considering buying a horse for your family. Raising a stallion requires a lot of effort, so if you need to do this, you must be extremely attentive. Extremely harsh to give your pet a chance to be killed when you get tired of it and turn on someone’s plate, perhaps yours. The next time you buy a meatball for your spaghetti, think about it and do not give a chance to happen to your pet.

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