Two cups a day for 7 days for a completely flat stomach

Weight loss is a real battle for some, but if you have the right weapon in your hands, your battle can soon mean victory. This is completely true of the drink that many women have tried and on average lost one centimeter of their waist every day.

If you are unhappy with your weight, this drink is the perfect solution for you. In addition to reducing one centimeter of your waist every day, it will also improve your overall health on many levels. First, this drink will purify your body of toxins and excess fat, prevent water retention and improve brain function and vision.

When it comes to this drink, do not hesitate. It’s pretty easy to prepare, and it’s really low cost. It only packs three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen:

  • A tablespoon of honey,
  • Two tablespoons of ACV and
  • A glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

The drug can not be simpler – mix all the ingredients together and voila, your final fat-burning drink is ready!

The best time to eat this drink is before lunch or dinner. Usually treatment lasts seven days. If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the course of treatment in a week.

In addition, you can use orange juice if the grapefruit is too bitter for your taste.

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