Top 20 Cell Phones with the Highest and Lowest Emission

We live in a society that is almost completely digitized, and it seems that communication is one of the most important activities in the lives of modern people. One of the most popular communication solutions is a cell phone (mobile phone).

These interesting devices come with many different functions that can help people solve everyday problems.

It is for this reason that most people say that they “can not live” without their cell phones.

Although it is true that cell phones are extremely useful, it is also true that they are potentially harmful to our health.

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The famous Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Israel recently published a report on its research aimed at identifying specific mobile devices and cell phones that can lead to harmful effects caused by electromagnetic radiation.

The study, which was first shown in the journal Biochemical Journal, showed that only one use of certain cell phone types in just 15 minutes could lead to the modification of brain cells associated with cancerous cell cleavage.

CNET presented a list of the 20 highest and lowest radiation phones.

Check if you have some of these cell phones.

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