This man threw sugar and alcohol for a month, see what happened next

Sasha Harland, a Dutchman, wanted to conduct an experiment on himself, trying to quit alcohol and sugar for 1 month. He wanted to know if this would make a difference. His painful and tortuous journey ended in amazing results. All this experiment was filmed and uploaded to YouTube on its Life Hunter TV channel.

First of all, he visited a sports doctor to check his fitness and overall health. He was told that the level of his cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure level is slightly higher than the normal level. At first it was quite difficult. He experienced mood swings and irritable with his family and friends.

When the nutritionist told him about the side effects of his intake of sugar, he was very worried.

It was his diet during the 4-week break.

By the 25th day, he began to get used to a diet and over time his condition began to improve, his craving for sugar and craving for other drinks was controlled.

He explained that he had more energy and even lost eight pounds. His blood pressure dropped from 135 to 125, his cholesterol decreased by 8%, and his blood sugar level was significantly lower.

Watch the video.

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