This common activity is now OFFICIALLY associated with blindness!

Two people were recently blinded about fifteen minutes! One of them was 22 years old, and the other 44, how could this be?

Many MRI and heart scans were done, but these tests did not lead to a specific reason, and this phenomenon was inexplicable. However, later the doctors were able to connect these instant blind spells using a mobile phone before bedtime! It seems that both women used their cell phones before bed, and they both lied to their side. This caused one eye to focus on the phone, while the other eye was blocked by a pillow.

This makes one eye adjust to light, and the other – to the dark. The recipe for blindness. It can even damage your eyes forever. Therefore, we must be especially careful when using our phones before bed. You see that the light emitted by our phones is more harmful than we might think. These screens are becoming more popular, so I’m sure that a lot of damage is done.

The blue light emitted by cell phones is much more destructive than many people understand.

One ophthalmologist stated that some of his 35-year-old patients had so much cloudy lenses that they were exposed to direct light at night and they looked like the eyes of a 75-year-old patient.

And worse, the damage goes far beyond the eyes. Health experts at Harvard confirm the relationship between blue light and many types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

This is a very high price for scrolling through Facebook, is not it?

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