They have 213 years together – the husband is 108 years old, the wife is 105, and they celebrate 82 years of marriage!

Here is a couple who managed to break several records. In February of this year, Duranord Veillard turned 109, and in May his wife Jeanne celebrated 105 years! They still remember the time when they married – this was the same period when Franklin Roosevelt became president of the United States – in the fall of 1932.

Duranord and Jeanne never thought that they would reach this age, especially not together. However, their example is definitely an encouragement for many couples. This elderly couple has five children.

About 50 years ago, Duranord was dismissed (he worked as a judge), but he received a visa to travel to the States. The couple decided to move to Spring Valley. It was here that he found his first job as a laboratory assistant at a local good hospital in Samaritan. He was a good worker for ten years, when he finally retired.

This amazing couple now lives with one of their daughters – Marie. So, most people are trying to understand what is the recipe for their successful marriage and a happy life. As Mr. Duranord says, only God knows. In this year 2016 they celebrated 82 years of marriage. In addition, they decided to celebrate their birthday as well as every year.

According to people who know him, Duranord is an honest and interesting person. Their 62-year-old son Velius says that their father is able to share almost every instant he has experienced in his life. So, he remembers all that is worth mentioning in his life.

During his 108th birthday, Duranord invited a reporter to shoot the event and offered her a piece of cake. It is interesting that his wife, Jeanne, dressed in a beautiful white linen dress, sat next to him and held his hand. When the reporter wanted to know how she met Duranord, she said that everything happened by chance on the street.

The Weyar family says that their parents are the oldest couple in the whole region. Durenord and Jeanne have 12 great children and one great child. Interestingly, Duranord has a routine that he respects all the time. Namely, he gets out of bed at 5 am and exercises. As soon as he finishes seven push-ups, he takes a cup of tea and fresh fruit and oatmeal. Fresh vegetables and fish can usually be found in their menu.

They also have a good sleep and go to bed relatively early. Of course, because of their age and physical condition, the couple spends most of the days in their homes, but they have been quite active outside in the past. Today they just hope that they will celebrate one more anniversary.

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