These 7 indoor plants can alleviate stress, asthma, allergies, insomnia and much more.

There are many plants that you can keep indoors to not only decorate your home, but also improve your health in many ways. It’s right. Some plants provide certain health benefits, so you can start to consider this the next time you buy one, rather than focusing only on the color and shape of the leaves and flowers.

One of the main advantages is their ability to purify the air in your home, helping you get the best quality of sleep.

But, this is only one thing that you will get from the right plant in your home, and here are a few more:

Advantages of indoor plants

  • Nice smell
  • Preventing colds and various diseases
  • Less anxiety
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved brain function

Therefore, pay attention to the following seven plants and their special health benefits.

1. Aloe Vera

This plant is popular due to its numerous healing properties, as well as its ability to improve the air that you breathe. This was confirmed even by NASA, saying that the Aloe Vera plant produces oxygen at night. The increased oxygen level at night prevents insomnia and provides a full sleep. We strongly recommend that you store Aloe Vera not only in your bedroom, but throughout the house to notice the difference.

2. English ivy

In addition to being one of the best air purification plants in accordance with NASA, English ivy is very useful for people living with asthma and people with any other breathing problem. This plant can reduce up to 95% of airborne mold in your home, thus preventing and eliminating the health problems associated with mold, such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. This is for the same reason why this plant can help with sleep disorders.

Note. If you have children or pets, be careful when choosing a place for your English ivy plant, since this plant is toxic if swallowed.

3. Gardenia

The pleasant smell of these white flowers relaxes anyone who inhales their scent. According to a study conducted in 2010 by researchers at the University of Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf, gardenia has a calming effect on the body and brain, equal to valium. This makes gardenia an excellent alternative to sleeping pills. To use the healing power of the gardenia odor, make sure that you put it near your bed or on the nightstand, and you will quickly relax and fall asleep.

4. Jasmine

It has been proven that the smell of this exotic plant helps to treat and gradually eliminate insomnia. In addition, inhaling the smell of jasmine will make you more vigilant and productive while at the same time relieving you from stress and anxiety.

5. Lavender

The soothing effect of the smell of lavender will relax anyone in your home. In 2008, a group of researchers from the Leonard Miller School of Medicine in Miami discovered that the aroma of lavender helps reduce heart rate, anxiety and stress, and soothe babies and improve sleep.

6. Snake Factory

Due to its ability to filter oxygen, the snake plant can improve the air quality in your home. Other benefits of this plant include prevention of headaches, eye irritation and breathing problems.

7. Valerian

This plant is considered one of the most effective in the fight against insomnia. Valerian plant is used as a sedative and anti-anxiety treatment. In addition, it is included in products presented as mild sedatives for nervous tension and insomnia.

That is why keeping a houseplant is always a good idea, especially if it gives health benefits over a pleasant smell.

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