The Tale of Vaccines against HPV is all a gigantic death scam

How safe is the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine? Many of you can argue that vaccines are needed. And they are, in this there is no doubt. But sometimes, the statistics around these vaccines tell a different story.

Vaccines against HPV have long been discussed in order to ensure their safety. And now, one of the leading scientists involved in his study, spoke out against him. If you think that all vaccines are useful, consider these statistics. According to Dr. Diana Harper, who was one of those charged with taking care of vaccine safety tests for Phase II and Phase III, there are many dangers. She was one of those responsible for launching Gardasil and Chervarix vaccines.

History of Harper

Today, Harper is one of a growing number of experts who have spoken out against the use of vaccines.

Dr. Harper made the difficulties and dangers in the 4th International Convention on Vaccination, which was held in Reston, Virginia. An event designed to highlight the positive effects of vaccines, instead showed that she talked about what might go wrong if you take these vaccines.

Dr. Harper, who is the author of a number of scientific and scientific works on this topic, spoke about why in the first place there was no need for vaccines. Taking a full U-turn in the case, she stated that cases of cervical cancer in the US remain low. According to her, the rate of cervical cancer cases in the states will largely remain unaffected even if someone takes the vaccine. Of those diagnosed with cervical cancer, 70% recovered during the first year, and almost 90% recovered within the first two years.

Considering the security issue, she said that the tests were conducted for 15-year-olds, although the product itself was sold by nine-year-old girls.

And of the people who experienced, almost 44 of them died from vaccinations. Worse, almost 15,037 girls who took the vaccine reported side effects of one type or another. It should be noted that the number of reported cases may differ from the actual number of girls who experienced side effects from the vaccine, since not everyone would face reporting difficulties.

Some of the catastrophic side effects included Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause paralysis (both temporary and permanent) and even lead to the death of the patient due to suffocation. Other side effects include lupus, convulsions, blood clots and more serious ones, such as brain inflammation.

Harper, who was involved in the development of the vaccine, said that she states the facts, because she wanted to clear her conscience. Another important fact to consider is that although 98% of those who take the HPV vaccine at some point or stage of their life will not experience any side effects, in the other 2% this can lead to To the development of precancerous cells.

Interestingly, the two vaccines are being sold as prevention of cervical cancer. Moreover, because there is no directionality that Harper could see between vaccination and the various types of cancer that he can prevent. Harper even said that there is no evidence that the vaccine can prevent any type of cancer, because the manufacturer himself claims that the vaccine will work only on 4 of the 40 strains for a particular sexually transmitted disease. Statistics are not very bright.


After Harper came out with the facts, she was at the reception of many claims, which tries to prove her lies. Even The Sunday Express fabricated many of her quotes to make her look in a bad light. Since then, she explained and explained her position as The Guardian and CBS News, where she stated that vaccines put children and women at unnecessary risks. Without any advantages, they simply subjected them to more serious risks, since serious side effects appeared.

It is reported that the death rate is approximately 3.4 for every 100,000 doses. What is more alarming is the fact that many serious side effects have been reported, as cervical cancer dies every year. Harper also adds that many of the deaths have not been reported or been understated. It is important that parents are aware of the risks faced by their children. Moreover, vaccinists can simply assume that they are free from the risk of developing cancer, which in fact may not be the case. This false belief that Gardasil can prevent any type of cancer, on an unreasonable basis, is extremely dangerous.

Another expert who started talking about this topic is a former pharmacist from Merck, Dr. Bernard Dahlberg. He says that the vaccine will be useless when it comes to treating cervical cancer. On the other hand, its large adverse consequences, which may even lead to death, will show that the vaccine was created only to generate profit for the producers.

The situation today

In a major development, the National Vaccine Information Center confirmed that Stephen Kraling and Joanne Wlochowski filed a lawsuit against Merck, their former employer. Merck, the manufacturer of vaccines, is accused of cheating the United States and its citizens, overestimating the effectiveness of its vaccines for almost 10 years.

Virologists say that they witnessed how the company falsified the results and falsified laboratory tests to improve vaccine efficacy.

Merck sells vaccines worth more than $ 20 billion a year and with a cozy relationship between vaccine manufacturers and federal agencies, these incidents may not be so unusual. In the healthcare industry, they see pharmaceutical giants who are more interested in managing profits than in moral responsibility.

Vaccines like vaccines against poliomyelitis and measles have benefited the whole world for decades. But it seems that now this trend is changing, as these companies are only interested in making a profit. The fact that ethical principles do not matter to these pharmaceutical giants can also be seen in the new documentary Frontline, “Hunting Nightmarish Bacteria,” which shows the dark side of these companies.

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