The secret of avoiding new GMOs that flood the market

Currently, our market is full of various GMO products, which significantly harm our health and well-being. However, these products are present not only on our tables, but also in our cosmetics.

Unfortunately, most products containing GMO ingredients are labeled as “non-GMOs” or even “natural”. They are not natural products.

How do you know which foods are GMOs?

Nevertheless, there is an advanced list containing products with GMO components.

The following video will provide additional information on the dangers associated with these GMO products:

This list will help you to find out what’s new to avoid, and you can find it at THIS ADDRESS. You can search the database by setting the status, categories and ingredients. Thus, you will get a list of all products that contain new GMOs 2.0.

This is a perfect example of how companies are not direct and open to customers. They advertise that they do not use GMO ingredients, but in fact their products abound with various harmful ingredients.

The food industry is trying to land these GMO products on our tables, but we must boycott this intention. We vote with our dollars for the type of food we want to see on your table. Thus, the industry will lose customers.

You can notice that the mass turning point in the food market of GMOs is currently continuing. So, many food companies have started offering organic varieties of food and removing dangerous ingredients because of the demand from consumers.

So, share this database around so that everyone can see it and stop using these products. If we do this now, before it is widely spread, it would be much easier to stop.

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