The researchers placed peach extract on cancer cells, which they found in BLEW Them Away

As they say in the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But it turns out that three peaches can save any cancer.

In fact, this delicious fruit is not suitable only when it comes to protecting against cancer; He also has the ability to initiate self-destruction in cancer cells. This was confirmed by a recent scientific study.

Juliana Noratto, a respected researcher at the University of Washington, along with her colleagues from A & amp; M Texas, found that chemicals from polyphenols found in peaches can cause a reaction in our body that can destroy cancer cells.

In fact, certain signals found in these cells are included, which leads to the self-destruction of diseased cells.

Cancer cells, also known as metastatic cells, spread throughout the body. This process slowed down in laboratory rats, which were taken a snapshot of breast cancer cells.

This type of cancer is the most common and most deadly cancer in women in the United States, and so Noratto and her colleagues used it in this test.

However, they found that peaches or polyphenols found in them, more precisely, destroy all types of cancer cells.

Peach extract is much safer than chemotherapy

The main thing is that they destroy only cancer cells. Chemotherapy also destroys healthy cells. Substances in peaches can identify affected cells, and they interact only with these cells. Scientists are convinced that a concentrated peach extract will provide cancer treatment without the unpleasant side effects characteristic of chemotherapy.

According to the tests, a woman who weighs about 130 pounds will consume three peaches a day to feel the positive effect of cancer, eliminating this fruit. Studies have shown a slowdown in the progress of cancer cells when they injected the extract in rats. This was not unusual, but their next observation almost shocked them.

Noratto and her colleagues found that the cells die. Polyphenols from peaches made cancer cells suicidal. Thus, the spread of these dangerous cells slowed and eventually stopped.

At the moment they do not consider metastases. This team of scientists did not think about combinations with chemotherapy, because they wanted to find out if full natural healing is possible. Thus, they were not yet interested in metastases, they just wanted to eliminate the cancer cells. On the 12th day of this study, the researchers saw that the structure of blood vessels, which helps the spread of cancer cells, slows down and has less activity.

When the first study was completed, the researchers concluded that peaches with red color contain more compounds that can eliminate cancer. Thus, Blushing Star, Elberta, Redhaven and Cresthaven can be the best grades for this purpose. The study was conducted with the peach Rich Lady.

Is not that great?

Noratto and her colleagues concluded that specific compounds and substances found in peaches that cause self-destruction in cancer cells are not very stable when heated. So, instead of canned peaches, use fresh, juicy and organic peaches. As we already mentioned, they used peach extract in the study, and you can find such an extract in grocery stores. Look for those that come with non-chlorogenic and chlorogenic compounds.

When we compare peach extract with chemotherapy, we note that when this extract is used on laboratory mice, peach extract is able to fight and eliminate even the most aggressive forms of cancer cells, and unlike chemotherapy, it does not affect healthy cells at all.

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