The placebo effect is a proof of the healing powers of the mind.

What is the placebo effect?

It is the ability of the mind / body to heal itself without any medical intervention. In fact, I asked 30 years ago if I can use the Placebo effect as the basis for my first Ph.D. thesis. They did not allow me. I could not understand why. If the placebo effect is so strong, why research should take it into account, and significant results should be higher and higher than the placebo effect.

Now we must remember that Big Pharma changed the rules, and they need to show only 1 out of 10, unlike the traditional 32-38% placebo effect.

Why does this work?

But no matter who determines what rules … what we need to look at, how the placebo effect works and with whom it works best. Is it because of faith? Or is it because of how the protocol is delivered – is it because of how the practitioner represents the treatment? Is it because of a good relationship / support around the person? Is this because of the client’s general attitude to life and what happens in their lives?

I practiced as a registered psychologist for about 20 years and saw how a powerful mind, again and again. Now, when I work as a doctor of natural medicine, I attract a person to the modality with which he is most connected. Even when a client wants to use synthetic, artificial drugs – I will support the client and his choice, because their faith is so strong and can help the body heal.

As a consequence, I have developed to obtain degrees and appointments in all the different modalities of healing and continue to research with all the different types of supplements so that I can provide the client with the protocol that best fits their belief system. Let their belief system manage the healing effect and guide the mind to participate in the healing process.

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