The pharmacy does not want you to know about this cheap and natural remedy against a deadly disease – CANCER!

In the past decade there were several cases of pharmacological and medical fraud and fraud, which most people called conspiracy theories.

A British medical journal recently published a scientific study that shed light on what appears to be a terrible health fraud, which directly and indirectly killed hundreds of people over the last decades – chemotherapy.

It is difficult to understand how and when humanity has stayed away from medicine and chemotherapy. These two sectors should be the first to help and help people in need, especially patients who are dealing with terminal illnesses. However, instead of helping these patients in their efforts to fight these malignant diseases or to overcome them, they further harm their health with toxic and dangerous drugs.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a respected professor of medical physiology and physics, working at the University of California at Berkeley, focused his work on studying the life expectancy of patients suffering from cancer.

After 25 years of study, he realized that, despite the current atmosphere of opinion, chemotherapy does not give the desired results. He confirmed that many cancer patients had very slow and painful deaths due to chemotherapy.

In addition, Dr. Jones also confirmed that a large number of patients who undergo chemotherapy actually die faster and experience much greater pain than patients who choose to use some other approach.

After a thorough and detailed study, he concluded that chemotherapy actually reduces life expectancy, and patients die faster, but even more shocking is the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is well aware of this fact. They have incomes in billions of dollars that come from this kind of treatment. If people turn to other types of treatment and understand that cancer can be treated and cured (and not terminal disease), their profits will not be.

The fact is that there are many inexpensive natural medicines that were used by thousands of patients who were cured.

Some time ago, a study that was ignored by the leading media confirmed that there are many natural medicines and drugs that are as effective as chemotherapy and even more effective than this therapy, but without the terrible side effects. Of course, you can find many articles that praise chemotherapy and talk about its positive effects and benefits, and yet these newspapers, magazines, magazines and portals do not want to talk about one natural remedy that eliminates cancer in just one day, Even later stages.

Scientists from the University of Kentucky conducted a study on grape seed extract and its medicinal properties. It turned out that this extract can eliminate about 76% of cancer cells and leukemia in one day. This study was later published in the reputable journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Grape seed extract is effective because of the presence of the JNK protein, which helps the body’s efforts to destroy cancer cells.

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