The oil that we eat every day can cause cancer: the doctor discovers the only way to protect!

“If you ever poured oil in a pot and put it in the fire, and the kitchen worked out unpleasant smoke – this moment ran through its smoking point. The oil that starts smoking is useless and dangerous. Overheated oil creates a series of harmful chemicals that you do not want to eat or even breathe, which means that it began to oxidize and become carcinogenic, “warns Dr. Oz.

That’s why you need to find out which butter to choose in order to cook your favorite dishes. For example, for cooking always choose oil with a high temperature of smoke, advises Dr. Oz.

The point of smoke depends on the type of oil. For example, a walnut begins to smoke only when the temperature reaches 160 degrees, and the grape seed oil can withstand up to 260 degrees.

Although it has long been a myth that olive oil can not be stewed and fried food, you should know that it has a smoke point of 210 degrees, so you can even fry potatoes in a frying pan – in this case the oil reaches a temperature of about 180 degrees , Identification of a doctor.

But avoiding the smoke point is not the only thing to keep in mind when choosing oil for cooking.

Oil rich in polyunsaturated fats, such as corn, soy, sunflower and other oilseeds, and when they warm up, they reduce the harmful substance called HNE. This happens even with refined oils and a high level of smoke.
One way to reduce exposure to toxins is to avoid cooking with a high content of polyunsaturated oils, such as corn, soy and vegetable oil.
Another habit that needs to be overcome is to dump the waste oil and not be tempted to reuse them.
Repeated heating reduces the temperature of the smoke with each reuse of the oil, and all harmful substances remain in the oil. For frying and baking, Dr. Oz recommends olive and avocado oil, refined oil (melted butter), palm oil and coconut oil. All these oils have a high level of smoke – good for cooking stews and stews. For salads, the first choice will be olive oil or oil from some seeds.

Flaxseed oil – buy it in small quantities and keep in the refrigerator until you spend it. It is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, therefore belongs to one of the best oils. However, with linseed oil, be moderate because one tablespoon has about 100 calories, making it one of the most calorie oil.

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