The lack of this vitamin can seriously threaten health!

Vitamin D is probably the only vitamin for which not too much is said in the world of nutrition. Maybe it’s because vitamin D is completely free: the body that it created when sunlight touched your skin.

Pharmacies can not offer sunlight, which is why many people do not know anything about how much vitamin D is important for our health. According to recent studies, vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, affects diabetes and obesity.

Our skin produces vitamin D under the influence of sunlight – ultraviolet radiation from natural sources. Therefore, when you are at home, at work or in the car, your skin does not produce vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight is the only reliable way to get enough of this vitamin.
– It is necessary to drink 10 glasses of milk, enriched with vitamin D per day, to introduce the minimum amount of this vitamin in the body.
– People with dark skin should be 20-30 times more exposed to sunlight to get the same amount of vitamin D as white people. That’s why prostate cancer is so common among black people – this is due to a lack of vitamin D.
– A sufficient level of vitamin D is crucial for the absorption of calcium in the body. Without vitamin D, our body can not absorb calcium, which makes nutritional calcium supplements useless if you have vitamin D deficiency.
– Chronic vitamin D deficiency can not be resolved overnight. It takes months and months of exposure to the sun or take vitamin D as a dietary supplement to restore this vitamin in the bones and nervous system.
– For people suffering from kidney or liver disease, the ability to activate and use vitamin D can be reduced.

An interesting fact is that antioxidants increase the body’s ability to absorb more vitamin D, since they allow you to stay longer in the sun without a burn. Astaxanthin, for example, increases this ability to 200 percent. Other antioxidants that can be used as acai berries, garnet (garnet), blueberries, etc.

Diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency:

– Osteoporosis is usually associated with a lack of vitamin D, because the lack of this vitamin reduces calcium absorption.

– Vitamin D prevents depression, schizophrenia, prostate, intestinal, breast and ovarian cancer.

– Rickets is a bone disease caused by a lack of vitamin D.

– Lack of vitamin D can reduce insulin production and aggravate diabetes.

– Obesity reduces the use of vitamin D. Therefore, people who are obese should consume twice as much vitamin D.

– Vitamin D is widely used in the world for the treatment of psoriasis.

– Vitamin D deficiency can cause schizophrenia.

– The risk of diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, is reduced by 50-80 percent when exposed to natural sunlight 2-3 times a week. Children who regularly take vitamin D (2000 units daily) will have an 80 percent lower risk of diabetes within the next 20 years.

Shocking statistics

– 32 percent of health workers have vitamin D deficiency

– 40 percent of US citizens are deficient in this vitamin

– 48% of girls aged 9-11 years have vitamin D deficiency

– 76 percent of pregnant women suffer from a serious lack of vitamin D. For their children, it increases the risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia at a later age.

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