The boy died an hour after bathing. All parents should see this

Many times it does not bother us, but when you spend the day in the pool it’s normal that you would feel exhausted and sleepy, especially if you are a child who was extremely active during the day.

That’s why Cassandra Jackson did not suspect anything when her son told her that he needed to get some sleep when he returned home after spending a day in the pool. 10-year-old Johnny went to bed after a tiring day, and his mother did not expect that something was wrong with him. After that she went to check her child and was surprised by what she saw.

The child had foam on his lips, and he had difficulty breathing. After being immediately taken to the emergency room, the mothers were informed that a “secondary drowning” had occurred, and this was a condition that arose from the ingestion of water, which could occur within 72 hours.

Although a rare, secondary drowning can be fatal if warning symptoms are ignored. At any time, when someone (both children and adults) inhales even a small stream of water (pool, lake or ocean), it can irritate the lungs and cause swelling. Usually, when secondary drowning occurs, there is very little water in the lungs, but a small amount of liquid is enough to make it difficult for the lungs to supply oxygen with oxygen.

If your child is almost drowned or, possibly, swallowed too much water, watch for signs of secondary drowning and immediately take them to the hospital. Symptoms can even take from one to 72 hours.
Here’s what to look for:

Excess fatigue after bathing
Shortness of breath after bathing
Irritability or mood swings, for no apparent reason.
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