The best homemade hair mask: it works wonders even for the worst hair – against falling for strengthening and renewal!

Did you know that the hair mask used with conventional yeast is pretty simple, but very effective tool that works wonders even for the most forgotten hair.

The result of using these masks is not only high quality, but also durability! Masks of yeast are suitable for all types of hair and are indispensable in the fight against hair loss and for their growth. Using a yeast mask will be successful for you, and you will be rid of dandruff.

Using a yeast mask, you can achieve stunning effects. But the introduction procedure for hair restoration should be systematic, not “from time to time.” In this case, the result is effective, fast and has a long-term effect.

As a preventative measure and to accelerate hair growth, the yeast mask is used once a week, for 10-15 weeks. After that, a break must be made in three months.

If the purpose of hair treatment is to restore and strengthen damaged hair, yeast-based masks should be applied 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks. This advice is not for the treatment of hair loss, but for improving the quality of hair and their rapid growth in case of hair fall due to stress, illness, chemotherapy, hormonal disorders.

The composition of the mask can be changed by adding castor or olive oil, yogurt, juice, aloe, but the main ingredient of yeast remains the same. Using masks based on yeast can be achieved by incredible long-term results, but you must be consistent and adhere to the recommendations outlined at the beginning of this text.

The yeast mask is used against hair loss, to strengthen fine and weak hair. Just follow the recipe:

In 1 tbsp of warm milk, dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar, add 20 g of fresh yeast. Leave the mixture in a warm place to roam (grow) for 15-20 minutes.

The resulting mixture is applied to clean damp hair from the roots to the tips. It can also be used on unwashed hair. Wrap it with a plastic bag and a warm towel. These masks require heating to create optimal conditions for the growth of yeast fungal colonies. This mixture increases the concentration of protein, vitamins and minerals that penetrate the hair follicle.

Leave it on your head for at least an hour, sometimes two to three hours, the longer – the better.

After that, wash your hair with a normal shampoo, but always try to use this musk on clean hair. When you apply wet washed hair, wash it with water and balm. The smell that you feel during treatment, disappears after washing. Note: Some people make this mask without milk.

After these procedures, the hair becomes healthy and beautiful: dense, rejuvenated, bright and with a lot of volume!

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