That’s why belly fat is dangerous, even at a normal weight!

No one wants stubborn fat around the abdomen area. We all want to get rid of this and have a torn and thin stomach. But a recent study confirmed that abdominal fat is not only an aesthetic problem for people. This can cause serious health problems, even for people with normal weight. The extra fat around your abdomen increases the chances of premature death, even for people who are not overwhelmed.

A group of researchers published an article on November 10 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine Magazine about this condition. According to them, people with normal weight with belly fat had a higher risk of diseases and deaths, compared to people who are overweight.

Dr. Paul Purir, one of the most influential doctors at the University of Quebec, Canada, says that fat on the stomach is a bad fat. This stubborn fatty tissue around our waist is associated with many diseases, such as: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, inflammation and high cholesterol. He says that the presence of fat around your abdomen is much worse than the fat around your hips. Poirier also says that having belly fat is really bad for your heart, even if you are a normal person weight. Even if your weight measurements are normal, more than 34 inches for women and 40 inches for men – this is obesity. Poirier explains that these people are obese from the point of view of the stomach, and not in terms of weight. According to Dr. Poirier, central obesity is the most dangerous.

Dr. Francisco López, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, organized a study to compare the risk of premature death between 15,000 adults. He compared the body mass index (BMI) and the ratio of waist and hip in 15,000 subjects. Dr. Francisco Lopez found that regardless of BMI, the worst long-term survival is the normal weight of adults with excess belly fat. However, men with normal weight, but a large belly seemed to be worse than thin women with a lot of fat around the abdomen. Men with normal weight with a lot of fat on the abdomen had a 87% increased risk of death, compared to men who were with normal weight and no fat on their stomachs. This study showed that people with a lot of fat on their stomachs have a more than two-fold risk of dying early.

Women who had a normal weight with abdominal fat compared to women with normal weight without fat on their stomach, had a 50% increased risk of premature death. The researchers found that in women with normal weight and excess fat around the waist, the risk of premature death increased by 32%. Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, explained that this condition can lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver.




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