That’s how she cured her breast cancer naturally

Tamara St. John is one of the victims of a terrible disease – breast cancer. This is the story – how she manages to cure breast cancer, and with an open heart she shares her hope for women all over the world who face this terrible disease.

Her story begins in April 2009, when appointing an ordinary doctor, doctors accidentally find a tumor in one of her breasts. At that time, she graduated with a master’s degree, hoping to dramatically improve her workplace.

Therefore, when a doctor diagnoses a tumor, she was sure that this is not her priority, and because she has enough time to finish her master’s work and delay the treatment process.

Distortion of fate took part in her life, and in May 2009 she became unemployed. She decided to finish her master’s degree, regardless of the consequences. A month later, she began to fight with pain in her chest.

Two months later, the lymph nodes began to spread in the bosom. They cause severe pain with visible swelling. Left without a dream, she managed to get a master’s degree … and now it’s time to follow her health.

One of the most difficult periods in her life is the moment she was beaten, there is no job, no medical insurance, desperate and hopelessly looking for any solutions to her problem, spending countless times searching for answers on the net … No response found . The only thought circling in her head was that it was a trial from God, a temptation that would eventually give a solution.

The Budwig protocol and breast cancer

Flashback … 30 years on the pass in the twelfth age of Tamara … remember her abusive chemotherapy and radiotherapy; The strength to take an alternative path of treatment because of a lack of funds, she gave her life in the hands of God. Since the change in her diet, the natural way of treatment and the protocol Budwig (the kernel of the apricot), similar to Laetrile Therapy.

The Budwig protocol appears to start working for the best in just a few weeks (June 2009), the lumps in the thoracic areas began to significantly reduce pain. Changes in the body reduce energy levels, feeling constantly exhausted 15 hours a day. Therefore, after several months she began to engage in fitness, daily walks and increase the diet with apricot kernels and use juice for detoxification.

In September 2009, Tamara noticed a rash on her neck around the ring. She spoke with numerous biochemists, nurses, epidemiologists and other surviving cancers who confirmed that it is the receptor of the epidermal growth factor that appeared as a result of detoxification of the body. This is not often practiced, but in some cases of cancer, like breast cancer or non-small cell lung cancer, is a common symptom.

Tamara struggled with the rash for seven months; While the body does not lose cancer cells from the whole body. The rash was elastic even for Aloe Vera, constantly irritating the skin and scratching all the time, but this condition lasted for seven months until the rash disappeared.

Logically, she came to the conclusion that if the rash disappeared, the breast cancer cells disappeared, so she began to return to her old “food regime” habits, unable to withstand sweet donuts and sweets or delicious dishes that she did not eat. During this period of purification . This was a turning point in the healing process and, after a six-month breast cancer, doubled proportionally than before. Symptoms of the disease were more intense, often a feeling of tiredness to sleep more than 21 hours a day, Tamara fall into a deep depression to watch for constant crying … she lost all hope. Once again, she put her life in the hands of God, deciding not to take action and detoxification … she was preparing for the worst outcome … of death.

One morning, Tamara fled four times to a bathroom with severe diarrhea before she felt that the brain fog had been removed from her, and now she again had energy to start the detox process again and again.

This time, Tamara was ready to start the detoxification program again, using the juice and kernels of the apricot. In the depths of her soul, she felt that this was the right way to heal, better than any surgery, any chemotherapy or radiotherapy; Due to lack of funds or circumstances, she discovered that this is the best alternative treatment against breast cancer.

Tamara is still not completely healthy. Terminal cancer left her with some health problems, which she also heals naturally. All this is best described in her book “Defeat Cancer Now”, which is Amazon Bestseller for 2013. This book includes more than 60 recipes to fight cancer.

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