That’s how lemon and baking soda can save your life!

When baking soda in combination with lemon, it is very beneficial for our health. Most importantly, this combination is even more effective than chemotherapy!

Many studies have confirmed that lemon and baking soda destroy cancer cells 10,000 times more efficiently than chemotherapy. You should be curious why this fact is hidden from the public? The answer is pretty simple! The pharmaceutical industry will lose billions of dollars if people start to avoid chemotherapy!

Lemons contain anticarcinogenic properties, but they can also help in fighting various types of cysts and tumors. The most effective part of combating cancer cells is lemon zest, since it contains compounds such as d-limonene. This compound has already been tested in animals, and it has been proven that it acts against cancer cells.

Baking soda and lemons alkalize the body and maintain the correct pH of the body. This stops the cancer from spreading.

It is recommended by experts that eating 150 g of citrus per week is extremely useful because it can help you reduce the risk of colon cancer by 18%, oral cancer by 53%, pharyngeal cancer by 58% and stomach cancer by 31%!

Lemons are effective in fighting cancer cells, because they interfere with the spread of these cells. They are even more effective than adriamycin, chemotherapy and other pharmaceuticals!

As you know, chemotherapy destroys healthy cells, so it is extremely harmful to the entire body.

Our recommendation is to mix ½ teaspoon baking soda with two teaspoons of organic lemon juice and regularly drink this mixture.

In addition, it is also very important to consume healthy food, as well as exercise regularly!

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