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This combination of bananas and water treats respiratory infections in the shortest time possible

This healing cream-banana is an excellent natural cough remedy, its effectiveness has been tested in the treatment of persistent coughs and bronchitis. It is especially effective in children, but can also be used by adults. It is very tasty, healthy and very nutritious, it has a beneficial effect on the stomach. If your child has[…]

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Many of you have these sports on your face, but you had no idea that you have a solution to this problem in your kitchen!

Milia is a group of small, solid, white, keratin filled cysts that form under the skin. And they usually appear when the keratin stays stuck under its surface. Keratin is a strong protein found in the tissues of skin cells, hair and nails. These cysts look like pimples, and they are easy to see. This[…]

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Women all over the world Applying baking soda under the eyes – The reason is phenomenal !!!

We can easily say that this ingredient is a universal, non-toxic and extremely useful substance. Did you know that your kidneys and pancreas actually create a sodium bicarbonate substance that is not identical to baking soda bought in stores? Well, our kidneys and pancreas create this substance to control the acidity of our blood, because[…]

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