5 common reasons for the appearance of cellulite from nowhere (and 2-component cream to fight cellulite)

The underlying fat deposits in some areas of the skin are in fact known cellulite. They cause the appearance of lumps and dimples on the skin, which is most noticeable on the hips and buttocks, which usually appear after puberty. In the medical field, cellulite is called deformant dermopanniculosis, gynoid lipodystrophy, adiposis and edema, and[…]

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INCREDIBLE! She started using turmeric around the eyes. In 10 minutes something incredible happened!

Almost everyone has heard about the amazing properties of turmeric, spices, often used in Indian cuisine. Turmeric has a characteristic aroma and color that make it unique and gives it incredible healing properties. Thanks to its powerful properties, people have been using turmeric for thousands of years, and it has become an integral part of[…]

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