Once you have read this, you will immediately apply deodorant under the breasts. This will effectively stop you from sweating!

Every day we use antiperspirants and deodorants, right? Without them, we can not do anything – and this is a fact. Antiperspirants and deodorants help us to smell and feel much better! And yes, they obviously work very well in the fight against sweat and the smells of the armpits. But, can I ask you[…]

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This food contains 1000% more nutrients than broccoli, but no one ever thinks of eating it

Researchers from many universities, including Ohio State and Johns Hopkins University, claim that broccoli sprouts contain 1,000% more nutrients in their content than mature broccoli. Broccoli contains an important phytochemical, called Sulforaphane, which fights cancer in several ways: it prevents the production of cancer cells, removes carcinogens, reduces tumors and destroys breast cancer cells. Broccoli[…]

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