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You can not sleep, your nails are brittle, and you lose hair? That’s what you miss …

Hormones of stress are produced by the adrenal glands, and when you experience frequent fatigue and insomnia, this is probably because of problems with your glands. The thyroid gland produces hormones, and in case you have problems with them, you probably experienced brittle nails, fatigue, thinning of hair and rapid weight gain. You can use[…]

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This woman dared to give a secret prescription for treatment of lungs, chest, pancreas, prostate cancer and colon, which scientists did not want to know about you!

Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases that exist. He attacks people who affect his overall physical and mental state. Thousands of people are diagnosed every year with cancer all over the world. There are different types of cancer: chest, neck, prostate, skin and even blood. All of them lead to death if they[…]

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