Tablespoon of this mixture: strengthens the immune system, improves the circulation of the heart! (RECIPE)

These well-known drugs in traditional medicine with its powerful properties treated many diseases.

Honey and garlic should become your daily food, they raise the immune system from the dead.

Cut 2-3 cloves of garlic and put them in a jar of honey. Allow the mixture to stand until aligned.

Just to take one spoonful of this medicine every morning for seven consecutive days and your body will experience amazing changes!

Increases immunity
The combination of honey and garlic increases the strength of your immune system, which is important if you are fighting a disease or if you want to prevent infection.

Protects the heart
This mixture clears the blood vessels of fat and prevents heart attacks. As long as the blood circulates freely in your body, the heart is protected as an organ.

Treatment of sore throat
Honey and garlic have a high anti-inflammatory effect, so they are very good for preventing throat infection.

It helps with diarrhea
With this mixture, you can strengthen your digestive system and thus remove any infection.

Treatment of dry cough
Honey and garlic are produced by rupturing thick mucus that accumulates in the lower part of your throat, and causes a dry cough. This combination dilutes the secretions and eliminates inflammation. The same applies to sinuses.

It helps with fungal infections
Fungus can attack different parts of your body, but this mixture is the right antibacterial bomb that works in this case. It is better to use it proactively, because it prevents the possibility of any infection.

A mixture of honey and garlic is a natural detoxification for your body. Using this medicine, you give your body a second chance, because honey and garlic free your body from all the toxins that you previously injected.

It should be noted that this natural remedy is very good for stabilizing cholesterol in the blood, as well as for losing weight.

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