Stop using this deodorant immediately!

If you usually use antiperspirants, you can stop. The company is sued for $ 5 million after claiming that their deodorants gave them chemical burns and a rash.

The deodorant of the old spice has led to the fact that thousands of customers suffer from chemical burns and a rash, claims the claim.

The bag-handling company has been sued for $ 5 million in a class-action lawsuit, which says that a number of their products have given “unsuspecting health problems to customers.”

The suit mentions 13 Old Spice products, including Old Spice Lionpride deodorants and Arctic Force High Endurance, which, he said, affected “hundreds, if not thousands of customers.”

According to a lawsuit filed with the US District Court in Columbus, there were hundreds of online complaints about products.

“In addition to complaints on the blog, YouTube contains many videos that also document irritation of the armpits, rashes and burning caused by the deodorant Old Spice,” the suit said. “Indeed, the problem is thriving, and instead of recognizing a serious problem, the Respondent hides it in order to continue selling the product and get unexpected profit.”

The plaintiff of Virginia Rodney Collie filed a lawsuit against Procter & amp; Gamble in early March. He claims that he bought the product after seeing the popular advertisements “smell, like a man”.

After several attempts to use the Old Spice product, Collie had serious eruptions, burning and discomfort, requiring Colly to immediately stop using the product, “the suit said.

He is also not alone, many people complained on the Internet, the site “Consumer Affairs” and the page of “Old Spice” on Facebook are full of photos that users shared, showing painful irritations and reactions after using the product. Many people describe the rash as “chemical burns”, and some reported on trips to emergency departments.

“I need to apply a burn cream on it to relieve the pain,” wrote one woman on consumer affairs. “And it hurts me to drop my hand or wear shirts with sleeves. This is seriously unbearable, and, it seems, only worsens. ”

But, according to the representative of Procter & amp; Gamble Damon Jones, these products are safe to use. Saying that a small number of consumers who are experiencing problems do not experience chemical burns, but skin reactions that can be caused by a variety of factors or ingredients such as alcohol and odor.

“We are committed to ensuring that our products are safe to use, and tens of millions of men use this product with confidence and without incident every year,” Jones said in a statement. “A small number of men can be irritated because of the sensitivity to alcohol, which is a common component of almost all deodorants. For men who have experienced a reaction to a deodorant, antiperspirant may be the best option, because they have a different formulation. ”

In his statement, Jones also encourages users to switch to antiperspirant if they notice any harmful or negative reactions to Old Spice deodorant, since this formula is different from direct deodorant. But, besides this, there is not a word about whether they will take it or not. So, perhaps at the same time, it would be better to switch to another antiperspirant or even make your own version without chemicals! God saves man, who save himself.

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