Six things that happen when you stop eating meat ?!

Many people abandoned meat because of the positive health benefits of a plant-based diet and the negative consequences that meat consumption brings. These people say that this is an amazing thing that they did for different reasons, such as losing weight, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving energy, etc.

Advantages of a plant diet:

  • Weight loss – obesity in vegetarians is less common, but the consumption of calories among vegetarians and people who eat meat, it seems. Nevertheless, the level of obesity is higher among those who consume meat, because they consume fatty acids, which are associated with heart disease, and also have the lowest intake of beta-carotene, magnesium, fiber and vegetable proteins. Vegetarian diet is low in fat, rich in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid contamination from toxic products – antibiotics, herbicides, hormones and pesticides that are present in animal protection, can cause a lot of health problems. Consumption of such contaminated meat can lead to poisoning, including symptoms such as cramps in the abdomen, organ failure and death. After you go to a plant-based diet and consume fresh organic foods, you will be rescued from viruses, parasites and bacteria.
  • The risk of developing type II diabetes – this condition can be prevented and cured with a plant-based diet, and this is scientifically proven. There is a strong correlation between higher intake of animal protein and a long-term risk of developing diabetes. Animal fat, animal-based iron and nitrate preservatives in meat can damage pancreatic cells, which subsequently leads to weight loss, worsening of inflammation, and also increases the risk of developing type II diabetes.
  • Lower cholesterol levels – poultry, cheese, red meat and other animal products contain saturated fats, and this is the main cause of high cholesterol. They are associated with a greater risk of heart disease and stroke. According to research, vegetarians have a lower risk of dying from heart disease, and those who adhere to a plant-based diet can reduce cholesterol by 35%, because these diets contain high amounts of fiber (this helps lower blood cholesterol levels),
  • Reducing inflammation of the body – if a person consumes meat, processed foods and cheese, this can lead to a splash of inflammation, as animal fat paralyzes the arteries and their ability to open. In addition, the lungs become inflamed, and this continuous inflammation leads to diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and cancer. Anti-inflammatory are plant diets, because they are based on antioxidants and plant fiber, include fewer compounds that cause inflammation, such as saturated fats and endotoxins.
  • You will influence the health of the planet – growing animals for food takes 30% of the Earth’s land mass, and 70% of the grain consumed in America is given to animals. Such food can be given to people. In addition, 80% of the deforested land in the Amazon is used to graze livestock. It takes 12 times more land, 13 times more fossil fuels and 15 times more water if you compare the resources used to produce one pound of animal protein and one pound of soy protein. If you change your diet to vegetable, you will help save water and other natural resources, such as reducing the impact of desertification, pollution and climate change.

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