She was stuck in her car, so she put the tennis ball on the keyhole. GENIUS!

The following is a very useful trick that can save any person from the difficult situation that can happen to anyone. There are only a small number of things that are just as frustrating and annoying as shutting yourself out of your car. If you are like most drivers, then you probably know the feeling at a time when you notice your mistake.

So, what are your options? There are many people who use a coat hanger to pull out the locking mechanism. Some of them decide to go to their home and look for a spare key, and some just call a certified mechanic to solve this problem. We all can agree that these options are a little disappointing.

That is why we will present a simple and even interesting solution to this frequent problem.

This is the so-called solution for a tennis ball.

Just take one ordinary tennis ball and use a screwdriver to make a small hole on the ball. Some people use heat from a lighter or stove to heat a screwdriver to record a small hole on the tennis ball.

After that, press the tennis ball on the lock. Hold the hole in the direction of the keyhole.

Use both hands to press the tennis ball to the car door. Use as much pressure as possible.

This way you increase the air pressure in the tennis ball. This is a safe way to use force to force the locking mechanism to open.

You will be surprised to hear that this little trick works on brand new cars with complicated electric locks. So always keep a tennis ball next to you. This should not be a problem to keep it in your pocket or in your purse. Keep one in your office at home and advise your friends to do the same.

If you do not know how this trick works, you can check out the video below for detailed instructions. It’s pretty simple.

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