She removed her black corners with these simple steps, brilliantly!

We are all annoyed by blackheads, because they look like cones and look ugly. Many tricks, it seems, could not remove them, and you could not complete the mission. But, there is no reason to worry, because we have some tricks for you that will help you remove these bumps forever.

How can you remove acne? Follow these steps:

  • Facial care – cleanse the face, and then take the pot and pour some water into it. Pour the water into a bowl and apply a soft towel over the head, taking the steam without releasing it;
  • Exfoliation – mix ½ teaspoon water and 1 teaspoon baking soda in a bowl, and then apply it on the face, gently washing the affected area. You can neutralize the pH of the skin and clean it;
  • A strip of pores with egg white – apply egg white on the nose or other affected spot, and then cover it with a piece of toilet paper;

Your nose will look like after.

See the video for more details.

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