She lost 20 pounds in 3 months, drinking it EARLY IN MORNING

The stories about honey and lemon water are probably well known to all of us. But the story of a young lady named Almaz Fitzgerald will make you drink it regularly.

People who struggle for their physical form can be lost on their way and do not know how to continue. The power mode does not matter. At that moment Fitzgerald was. She decided to try honey water. In the online search, she discovered the recipe. She used water that was as warm as a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice could stand.

This woman drank this drink before each dinner and first thing in the morning. Warm water and honey intensified her energy from late evenings, and the lemon pectin held her fuller after dinner, so she did not want to eat anymore.

She began to lose weight. She lost 20 pounds in three months! This was the main reason why Fitzgerald lost so much weight.

There are so many different benefits to this drink that Miss Fitzgerald did not know when she started drinking it. For example, honey has the same taste as sugar, and can give the same sweet taste. It has fewer calories and, thus, can fulfill the sweetness of cravings that we have. It also takes less sugar to completely sweeten something on the grounds that it is really sweeter than most processed sugars.

Honey, when eaten in its natural structure, contains a lot. It contains 80% natural sugars, which are significantly improved for your body, 18% water, and the last 2% are the best of all. This small part is loaded with zinc, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins B6 and C and significantly copper.

Honey is also a characteristic laxative. Some increase in weight is caused by waste that has not yet discharged. It will also alleviate diarrhea, which can lead to dangerous weight loss due to unused and undigested food. Moreover, he will put water in a stool that has not yet come out, which will allow him to move it more quickly and efficiently. Honey can even offer some help with the toxins that the colon builds. The walls of the intestine are activated, that they will move the poisons from the body and allow the bloating to remain under control. This may be the reason you think you gained weight, but it’s not for everyone.

Jewel Fitzgerald had this drink every day without stopping. She began to train more, and the recovery time after each workout was not quite what she thought it would be just because she used it as a quick approach to increase the number of calories to get her to the end of her workout or rejuvenate after a workout She saw a change in her mood and turned into a morning person. The water cleared the head, the lemon took her digestive frame to get her what she needed, and the fragrance offered her some help in relaxing before the stressful day began.

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