She lost 150 pounds in one year! Follow these 8 rules, and so do you!

Seven years ago I went to one of the best adventures of my life. I finally made a commitment to get rid of excess weight and get better health in my life after it was increased for the rest of my life. During the year I lost 150 pounds. Here are some of the ways I hit hard gold with my weight loss journey (and how you can too):

1. I started by studying what I eat daily.

I am often asked: “Where did you start?” I started by studying what I eat every day. When I found out that I was making bad decisions, I decided to change it. I also began to walk more often with my dog ​​around the neighborhood with my dog. My short walks eventually turned into getting gym membership when I realized that walking alone does not motivate me enough.

2. I came out of my comfort zone.

Getting membership in the gym was one of the most frightening moments for me. I was disappointed by the thought of being the only 300-pound woman in the gym, surrounded by relatively suitable people. I did not want to be judged. After I got a gym membership, I quickly realized that no one gave me dirty looks or said anything cruel to me. It was the worst scenario in my head.

3. I realized that exercise is not punishment.

So many people go into fitness mode as a way to punish themselves for being overweight or eating too much junk food. Since I like to feel good, I focus on physical pursuits that I like.

Most of my training I spend on long distances (because this is what I fell in love with). I also lift weights, bike, go camping, swim and do fitness. But most of my exercises come from something sustainable (and enjoyable) for me. Physical activity is a reward.

Have you lost a lot of weight and experienced some life lessons? Please share your experience in the comments section on Facebook! For those who can not believe in this wonderful transformation, here’s a video illustrating Naomi’s incredible journey:

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