Selected 3 most effective home prescription that cure constipation

If you want to save yourself from constipation, you can use this simple but effective method. Try this homemade recipe for constipation, table salt again comes to the aid of health care, but this time in conjunction with milk.

Constipation means problems with emptying the digestive system. Unfortunately, often this digestive tract disorder affects both sexes, but this problem is increasingly found in women. Before starting at the pharmacy for a quick cure for the laxative (which often exacerbates the problem), try simple home remedies to relieve discomfort and prevent it from returning.

With these traditional and proven successful methods, we hope that we will be able to improve the quality of your life and share with you some simple but very effective home remedies for constipation. To prepare these homemade products, all you need is a few ingredients that are almost always found in every home.

The preparation process is simple, and the benefits are visible in a very short time, after several procedures.

Salty water


1 teaspoon of salt

65 ml warm milk (1/3 cup)

130 ml of hot water (from 2/3 cup)


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

With this home remedy you can easily get rid of the symptoms.


Drink all the content (preferably on an empty stomach), and the results will not be postponed. If you have potassium, Himalayan or sea salt at your disposal, it is recommended to use this type of salt, rather than the usual one, because the positive result will be instant.

Extra virgin olive oil

Pure olive oil is more than just healthy and delicious fat – it also removes constipation. This is not surprising, given that the texture and consistency of olive oil – it’s almost a child-poster for home remedies for constipation. It stimulates your digestive system, which helps to move things through your colon, and it can be prevented regularly and constipation.

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 teaspoon of lemon juice (optional)

In the morning, consume one tablespoon of olive oil. It works best on an empty stomach, so keep it before you eat anything else. If you forget, wait a bit later when you have not eaten for a while. You can mix it with a little lemon juice if you want to clarify the flavor (lemon juice also acts as a natural help for constipation).


Flaxseed oil is a fairly simple home remedy for constipation. This is a kind of coat of the wall of the intestine, and also of the stool, and increases the amount of feces that you have. Enjoying your oil with orange juice is a double bad smell when it comes to constipation, as the oranges have plenty of fiber (make sure you get orange juice with pulp that has most of the fiber). If you do not like orange juice or you do not have a home, another great substitute is lukewarm water.


1 glass of orange juice with pulp (8 ounces).

1 tablespoon of linseed oil

Preparation: Mix 1 tablespoon of linseed oil with 1 glass of orange juice. Drink as necessary, but give him time (up to 5 hours) to start working so that you do not overdo it.

Note: if you want the material to move along your body, you also need to move! Our way of life these days is not only dietary changes that increase constipation, but we often sit much more than we actively do. Although there is no exact scientific reason why the lack of exercise is associated with clogging, we can assume that moving the body helps also to get smooth muscles in the colon. Keep in mind, however, that you must wait an hour after eating before training. There are also certain sites and drills that should help with getting a good old number 2 from the door.

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