Remove nicotine from the lungs in just 3 days

Nowadays many people and even children smoke cigarettes. Even the number of patients with lung cancer is growing every day.
If you are a smoker, immediately start removing nicotine from your lungs with these amazing methods.
These methods will clear your lungs from nicotine, tar and toxins. They will also increase lung capacity, reduce the risk of cancer or any other infection, and improve and protect the general condition of your respiratory tract.

Lung purification is good for both active and passive smokers. Also recommended for people in areas with air pollution. So, clear the lungs in three days with these simple methods, which are absolutely natural.

• Stop the use of dairy products before the beginning of the procedure for 2 days. You need to eliminate all the toxins in the body that are consumed through dairy products, before cleaning your lungs.
• Drink tea before going to bed before cleaning. Tea will cleanse your intestines from toxins that lead to constipation. This will prevent overloading of the lungs due to other organs.
• Before breakfast, drink 300 milliliters of water with 2 lemon juice.
• Drink 300 milliliters of grapefruit juice. Instead of grapefruit juice, you can also drink pineapple juice. These juices are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants will improve your breathing.
• To alkalize your blood, drink 300 milliliters of carrot juice after breakfast and before dinner.
• Drink 400 milliliters of juice during lunch. The juice should contain a large amount of potassium. This mineral will purify your body.
• To kill bacteria in the lungs, drink 400 milliliters of cranberry juice at night.
• To improve immunity, perform some exercises and maintain good hygiene.

Hot baths

• Spend 20 minutes in a hot tub to cleanse your body of toxins through sweat.
• Inhale the mixture of a mixture of boiling water and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil.

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