Recipe for cancer treatment – LEFT DOCTOR IN SHOCK

People all over the world can cure cancer without serious problems, using the ingredients of nature and natural medicines.

Some managed to do this with carrots, in the other – with cannabis, thirdly, with baking soda and turmeric, and among them there is a new solution – a medicine with honey.

13 years ago, a very serious cancer was diagnosed – lung cancer, and he was told that he would not live longer. However, with the help of honey and herbs, he completely cured his cancer, and today the person is completely healthy, and now he is a beekeeper.

He was discharged from the hospital in April, but before the beginning of the summer he fully recovered. When after a few months he went to the hospital for control, the doctors simply could not believe that he was still alive.

They told him to continue doing what he did, and his blood test soon looked as if he had never had health problems.

Honey is known in traditional medicine for centuries, and is considered sacred food and one of the most useful natural medicines.

This man is not the only patient who showed that this golden thick liquid is able to completely cure cancer when combined with spices of pine needles, ginger and some other plants. The woman cured her cancer with honey and ginger, and she published her prescription, hoping that it would help another person who is fighting this terrible disease.

This woman had cancer of the endocrine glands, and she was kept in life support for 20 days. She starts using this medicine, and in a few days she completely recovered, without using chemotherapy, surgery or any other drugs.

Here is the recipe that this woman sent:

– Two large roots of ginger need to be finely chopped using grinders. Then chopped ginger should be mixed with one pound of honey. The woman also notes that honey should be organic and homemade.

– Prepared in this way honey should be put in jars and eat one tablespoon 3-4 times a day. It is very important to use a wooden or plastic spoon, you should not get into the metal with this remedy. The first effects will appear in 4 days.

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