Protect your stomach from toxins, parasites and pathogens with one unusual substance

If you make a summary of your favorite dishes, it’s unlikely that dirt will get into your top ten lists. Let’s end up being honest, he probably will not even break the best 100. However, there is a reason that the game in the mud will work on the child’s protective mechanisms. The use of dirt can be extremely useful in certain circumstances.

Do people really eat dirt?

If you have not spent much time in different ethnic groups, it’s unlikely that you have ever met someone who purposely consumes dirt. However, when you leave the modern Western civilization, you may find that the consumption of dirt is relatively common.

If you go back to history, you will find that the first record associated with eating human dirt comes from ancient Greece. Today, people who consume dirt often live in developing regions of the world. In areas of the world where food is a rarity, dirt can be considered an acceptable food option.

In addition, parts of the world that are devastated by frequent natural disasters often observe a surge in the origin of mud. Typhoons, earthquakes along with other natural unsuccessful events can force people to consume anything in the struggle for existence.


If you talk about cultures that enjoy dirt because of their health benefits or people who simply consume dirt to survive in extreme circumstances, it’s rarely possible to determine that people simply eat handfuls associated with the land. Instead, you might find that dirt cakes are usually pretty typical. People are picking up dirt in thin pies or even cakes, bake them in the sun or, maybe, an improvised oven, and then consume it.


If you are wondering how exactly some dirt can significantly improve your well-being, find out about the most typical health benefits associated with mud consumption:

The use of dirt, which is surprising, can protect you from many common diseases and pathogens. When dirt moves in the digestive tract, it binds to pathogens and poisonous substances to wash them out of the body before they can pose a health hazard.

Dirt is loaded with various nutrients, including iron, zinc, and calcium. Many of these nutrients found in the mud are not enough for your regular diet.

Your immune system must be constantly prevented from growing. Protecting him from every possible pathogen only makes him weaker. A little dirt in what you eat can help your body get used to various pathogens and create immunity to them.

You can even find a lot of bacteria in the mud. Obviously, I mean the great bacteria that contribute to the health of the intestines and effectively help the digestive tract. Eating dirt can maintain good levels of microbes higher and helps the body successfully fight the growth of bad germs.

The actual binding properties of dirt can also help you digest digestive system problems faster. Binders present in the mud can help get rid of foodborne diseases and microbes.

Even if you do not make mud cakes a regular part of your diet plan, it’s good to understand that some dirt can improve your health, and not hurt you.

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