NO MORE – Heart Attack – Stroke – Clogged Arteries – WITH THIS POWERFUL DRINK

Garlic and lemon are two ingredients that not only can be used in cooking to add flavor to dishes, but also provide you with numerous health benefits, and it is therefore not surprising that they are considered one of the most powerful natural remedies. Although they are useful when used alone, but combining the two ingredients with forces such as them, it’s even better.

What you probably did not know is that the best and most effective natural remedy for clogged arteries is a combination of garlic and lemon juice. The following recipe is the best natural remedy for improving your arterial health if you want to prevent a heart attack or stroke, because the blocked arteries are one of the symptoms of a condition known as arteriosclerosis, which leads to these conditions.



1 liter of water

6 cleaned lemons, cut into small pieces

30 cloves of garlic, finely chopped


First you will need to mash these two ingredients in the food processor, and then put the mixture that you just received in the pan, and put it to a boil. When it starts to boil, leave it aside so that it can cool down. Then put the cold mixture in a jar and put it in the refrigerator.

How to use it:

1. First dosage: Drink 50 ml per day for 3 weeks.

2. Take a one-week break.

3. Second dose: Drink 50 ml each day for 3 weeks.

You can repeat the course of treatment every 6 months.

Benefit for health

With this powerful mixture, you can: improve blood circulation, liver function, and also simultaneously purify the liver, lower LDL cholesterol and lower blood pressure, lower triglyceride levels in the blood, prevent the formation of tumors and boost the immune system, improve kidney function and prevent Water retention, regenerate cells as a result of its antioxidant action. Last but not least, what many people would like to hear is that this mixture can also activate the metabolism of fats in the body.

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