Myths of Cholesterol Busted – Fact Book (free e-book)

Improper understanding of cholesterol:

According to available statistics and evidence, the amount of cholesterol is a meager prediction of heart diseases, because most people with high cholesterol have an excellent normal heart. By putting all the efforts to cholesterol, you probably miss the plot or just follow what the pharmaceutical companies want you to follow. Do you need to find out what actually causes heart disease?


There is a good chance that due to our eating habits we will be able to get too much cholesterol than the body really needs. Here the troubles begin. Whenever there is excessive cholesterol in the system, it is probably added to the walls of the arteries. This is known as hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which can hinder blood circulation and lead to increased blood pressure, other cardiac problems or blood coagulation if the fat deposition inside the arterial wall disconnects or blocks the artery. It’s never too late!

Want to know more?

Through this insightful e-book called “Myths about Cholesterol”, Busted CureJoy wants to tell users about what cholesterol is, how to determine which cholesterol is good and bad for you, and what steps to take to strengthen the body’s systems for production. Effectively resist the bad. This leaves you one important question: why did your ancestors who drank whole, unpasteurized milk and ate butter, eggs and red meat did not have a fragment of the prevalence of heart disease rampant today?

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