Mysterious Mercury: the nearest planet to the Sun has water and organic material

One of the most mysterious planets in our solar system is also the closest to the Sun. According to data collected by the Space Messenger, before plunging into its destruction in 2015, the scorching planet has water and organic material present on its surface.
It seems that the nearest planet to the sun is not a fiery place, as the researchers previously believed.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration confirmed a shocking and contradictory conclusion, because they found that near the nearest planet to our Sun – Mercury – there is water. Frozen water should be more specific.

Based on the data provided by Messenger Spacecraft, before bumping into the planet, the irrefutable evidence gathered by the mission suggests that the flaming planet is completely different from what the researchers believe.

Interestingly, the amount of water present on Mercury is sufficient to cover Washington D.C. In the ice. Nevertheless, water is not the only thing that NASA managed to find on Mercury. The spaceship Messenger (which crashed into the planet on April 30, 2015, found evidence that Mercury also has organic material.) According to scientists, mercury received its dose of organic material just like our planet, millions of years ago. Material, according to scientists, was the building blocks of life.

However, because of the corner of the planet with the Sun, Mercury has certain spots that always remain in the shade, and exactly where ice is sheltered from radiation emanating from the sun, along with the dark organic deposits that Isolate water from the sun.
However, if all of the above is no longer exciting, there are more of them. NASA now believes that this extraordinary ‘complex mix of organic material’ is in fact intimidatingly similar to the material that ultimately contributed to kickstart life on our planet.

Just as this organic material came from outer space in the direction of the Earth through comets, NASA scientists suggest that the cosmic rocks also transported similar material to Mercury.

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