Most people on the second finger are bigger than others! That means – amazing!

Second GS
The longer your second finger, the more leadership you have. You are dynamic and resourceful, but your desire to do something “in your own way or in no way” can turn in bosses.

Indian folklore says that mothers with eagle eyes stopped their sons who married girls with long toes, because that meant they were too powerful!
However, the smaller second finger does not mean that you are a trivial person. It simply means that you are happy waiting your time. You appreciate harmony and will not try to work your way through situations.

Third TOE
The Chinese associate energy, drive and will power with the third finger. If this is a relatively long time, it means that you are incredibly energetic and resourceful, especially at work.

The longer this finger, the more you succeed in your career.
You are a perfectionist and can achieve great results with your determination and energy. The downside is the tendency to let work take over and forget about fun, love and family.
If the finger is short, you enjoy the pleasures in life. You like to relax and do not worry about anything. Others may blame you for being lazy, but you are saying that life is short, so enjoy it.

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